Ridiculous husband want two ladies monogamy should I leave?

盈幣寶-什麼是差價合約槓桿I’m pregnant, and my attention to my husband is low. I try my best to keep my distance from my husband for fear of hurting the baby. I naively think husband also can for the child, to physiology respect affair endure, did not think he however and the female colleague of an office hooked up. That woman constantly admire my husband, I am pregnant can not give my husband sex, she jumped on the pole to chase. From my discovery to now once will be nearly half a year, the problem continues to drag and do not deal with. Ridiculous husband want two ladies monogamy should I leave? My husband kept saying that he loved me, but he did it in a way that he loved me, finding other women to deal with his physical problems, and his love was chilling. Sweet words we will say, rea盈幣寶Web及手機H5合約地址lly let do time, will think hard. I gave birth to a baby till now, my husband is constantly hesitant, on the one hand don’t want to divorce me, on the other hand also want to continue to be involved with that woman, both women he want to have, what is he kidding? If there were no children, I would leave immediately, such a terrible shame is really unbearable. Today, my child is not half a year old, I do not want to give the child a dysfunctional family. The problem is dragged ceaselessly did not deal with, the husband introduces that woman to be known to me however, at that time I really want to go up to grasp his face, a solution the hate of the heart. See the baby in the arms, I am hesitant, for the child I can not do so excited things, I want to enter all met盈幣寶Bingbon-全球官方交流群正式上線hods to force the husband and her break up. The husband procrastinated and didn’t deal with it. He also caught me for the baby can not divorce mentality, also about the woman, three people together to eat shopping, think of nausea. Now the marriage out of that piece of paper, I and other women share the same man, this kind of torture as long as I am afraid a person knows, now, I just want to quickly deal with this matter, I also a intact home, let the husband early take back the heart! I am not reconciled to divorce, after all how should do, ability lets husband head back, no longer such absurd go down? Reply: now just want to advocate you to stop this kind of absurd practice, your now behavior is you inform your husband, you bear a third party, although your mo差價合約交易-盈幣寶bingbonuth did not say, but your behavior behavior, let your husband feel you once bear, give him an illusion. Do you understand that you are constantly worried that your child cannot have a good home, and this situation will give your child growth, what a big psychological shadow, do you understand? The father that does not have a good style, had pondered to go up beam not straight go down beam slanting? Your husband takes advantage of your weakness, and instead of fighting it, you support it. As you can see, your compromise promoted your husband to a rampant level. Talk it over with your husband. If you get divorced, he will love you for your dignity. It is a great shame. If he is determined to take care of both sides, then you are advised to divorce, such a husband 【盈幣寶】手續費優惠公告is not worth it.

I don’t know if this marriage should continue.

盈幣寶With the husband is a classmate, but later is also introduced to walk together. At the beginning, my family did not agree with him, because he did not look very good, and because his family conditions were not good. But I had just been through a breakup and needed to catch someone. He was nice to me, too, and naturally we got together. My temper is not good, all kinds of run-in, but has not been run-in well, then I was old, hasty marriage. A son was born two years later. During this period live in her mother-in-law’s home, and the relationship with her mother-in-law is not good. My mother-in-law is a typical rural woman, and her son is always right in everything. During my confinement, he once cheated on me and got into be拆分盤d with another divorced classmate. He swore that he would never do it again. But I was wrong, in fact, he and that woman did not intend to separate, and then forced my pressure, door to find that woman, just give up. It took me a long time to get out of this shadow, and perhaps the last thing I wanted to accept was that he didn’t love me at all. I thought about my parents, I thought about my children, I didn’t have the courage to divorce. On Friday night, he call I go out to dinner, I pull the son went to the driving, he drink drunk when I come back, I didn’t see road signs when driving, the straight lane as a right, he shouted at me in the car, I also fire, quarrelling with him, go home after he lying on the bed I more th交易所ink more angry, called up his theory, he sat up from the bed, yelling at me, I am out of control, scold a sentence * your mother, he came to me, asking why I scold. I was completely broke out, both hands, he gave me several bruises, kick me with the feet, with a slap me, clamored to kill me, in this life the most regret thing is to marry me, I gave birth to a son, then he went to the sitting room had so many things, I told him not to frighten his son also don’t listen to, my crazy hysterical roar loud, finally running out the door on the second day my relatives will give to kang. I in any case can not let mother know, want to coax him back first, but he also shouted at me on the phone not to come back, this marriage really比特大陸 very tired, quarrel before, every time I take the initiative to coax him, he is a pair of indifferent appearance, every quarrel said with me can not go down, divorce, call me roll. I was really tired. I found a malignant tumor in 2013 and had surgery to get it under control. I wonder why he would treat a sick wife like this when I’m no longer bad-tempered? I don’t know if this marriage should continue or not. To be honest, I don’t have the courage to get a divorce, but such a marriage is very cold. He often throws me out after a quarrel. My brother advised me not to fall for it. But home is a warm harbor, in this home I do not feel any warm breath, some is only indifferent and hurt. I just lost the bottom line in the grad盈幣寶週報(2019/08/11-2019/08/16)ual compromise.

My girlfriend tried to break up with me when she came home from a date

www.daaidetective.comKnow a girl I chased. We had dinner tonight, we went to the movies tonight, we kissed in the movie theater during the movie, then she lay in my arms to watch the movie, of course I kept my hand on her chest, she didn’t say anything. We kissed every now and then, and I dropped her off at her house after the movie, and then I didn’t answer my phone, I didn’t text back, and finally I told m合法徵信社e we weren’t right. Don’t ever see each other again. I’m really wondering why you kissed me when it’s not the place to be in a movie theater or on the street. Private detective reply: since you asked me this question, then I might as well chat with you more today. There are two aspects to this matter. On the one hand, find the reason from yourself. On the other hand, naturally, find the reason from this girl. For you, you must like her very much, so you took the initiative to pursue her. This point you deserve to perform, like to chase or regret, but you may ignore her feelings. She may not have feelings for you, your death let her know that you can not escape, so agreed to try with you. Your actions and words are sure to annoy her, but even if you kiss her in the middl什麼是徵信工作e of the movie, she doesn’t fight back. In this case, it’s natural for her to tell you when she gets home that it’s inappropriate. Look at her again. You think you like this girl very much, but you may not know this girl, she may be just a ticket, nothing to go out for a date, and this girl is married, you do not know. It’s not unusual for this type of girl to dump you after a date. Do y徵信團隊介紹推薦ou feel like this?

徵信社委託流程What to say? The story is too long, too long to almost dare not look back, often look back in the past, in addition to full of acid and full of tears left what? Since there is no turning back, move on. Private detective, right? On January 11, tell yourself to step back. No matter how hard it is to go backwards, keep cheering yourself up. In the last few days often immersed in the story of others can not extricate themselve婦幼徵信社BLOGs. Heart also followed up and down, always unable to restrain to see the netizens hate the iron is not steel abuse, and then self substitute, imagine is to scold yourself, this kind of self-abuse can not stop, maybe this way to make yourself feel better. In the heart of the incomparable suffering, in addition to the end of the year also lost his job. This has been the lowest point for some time. I don’t know when I can go 警民徵信社BLOGout. But he, the hero of the story, is also experiencing the reality of suffering, did not care about me. Maybe I’m asking too much again. A few cold words on the phone today infuriated him instantly. Said he didn’t want to explain anything to me anymore. I haven’t heard from you all day. Heart full of sour, feelings and work are on a man’s body, it feels too uncomfortable. Dare not anger dare not say, really do not know h徵信社安心服務ow he became such a look. Do not know how he will say good night today, ask yourself not to expect, but still can not put the moment of the phone and other information. Suddenly some love yourself, why should be so dependent on a person, clearly can have a sunny life but in the dark constantly groping for a trace of the so-called warmth. Wake up and be strong! Start today by recording how you’ve grown up and grown up. Dear婦幼徵信社BLOG myself, come on.

Month sister-in-law market survey: sky-high month sister-in-law attraction nurse change line

taiwan detective徵信社Yuesao A quit the nurse “home care” Yang fang, 32 years old, sichuan guangyuan people, this year from chengdu transferred to Beijing as yuesao, for the four-star, monthly salary of 8,600 yuan, the service price is 12,000 yuan ~ 15,000 yuan. Five years ago, she was a nurse in a county hospital in her hometown, did not enter the month sister-in-law industry. Five years ago, after graduating from a college majoring in nursing, Yang fang entered a local private detective company and became a nurse with excellent academic performance and internship performance. In everybody eye, the top of head “angel of white dress” the nurse of aureate is right career choice to the girl, stable, social position is taller also, let the girl around envy unceasingly. That’s four years. “Why is the month sister-in-law’s salary so high?” The mother who worked as a cleaner in a domestic service company was amazed to see that her colleague who worked as a janitor in the company earned two or three times as much as the janitor, up to four or five thousand yuan. However, she was nearly 50 years old and had passed the working age of the janitor. Mother a casual exclamation, such as a stone fell to the heart of the lake, stirred up the waves in her heart. Nurses look bright, but the shift work hard, not fixed rest day but only in the place of the people can experience, in the face of only less than 2,000 yuan a month, do month sisters-in-laws must be more hard, but while taking advantage of young why not go to fight, try to challenge yourself? After several days of choice, she finally quit the hospital nurse job, into the month sister-in-law industry. The professional nursing skills learned in school and hospital, as well as the qualification certificate of “baby care teacher”, have added important weight to her work. Clients with high medical requirements, such as high-risk women and caesarean section women, have become her main clients. In addition to nursing expertise, driving skills, also welcomed by customers. If the male host is not at home, maternal, baby need to go to the hospital, she can drive escort, bring a lot of convenience for the customer home. From the fixed two-star starting assessment, less than two years, she rose to the current four-star, won the company’s esteem. Assigned to travel from chengdu to serve high-end clients. In her eyes, “instead of working as a nurse, a maternity nurse only transfers her service from the hospital to her home, which is’ home-based care ‘.” She used her own practice to prove that what she has learned can still be put to good use in the industry of yuesao, but also to realize their own value, to obtain a good income. “More and more undergraduates, who can speak English, cook western food and understand gardening are joining our industry.” She believes that the competition will be increasingly fierce in the future, and she will continue to enrich herself. Month sister-in law B at his own expense 20,000 yuan to learn lactation massage 47-year-old zhai chunmei, is a person from heilongjiang province, holding a position in a well-known household management company, now chengdu service, for four stars, the service price is 7000 yuan ~8000 yuan. Eight years ago, she worked as a statistician for a large state-owned chemical fiber company in her hometown. Later, the enterprise restructuring, she became laid-off workers. She went into business and opened a hotel, but the high rent cost and high risk of operadaaidetective徵信社tion made her feel stressed. After one year of operation, she sold the hotel. Then, waiting for a post at home, she took part in the month sister-in-law training class organized by the local women’s federation and joined the obstetrics department of a public hospital in Beijing as a escort. Two years of escort work made her learn a lot of nursing knowledge from the nurses around her. In 2007, 2008 in changsha, she has signed up for the galactagogue and Chinese medicine massage training class at her own expense, tuition costs a total of more than 20,000 yuan, got the corresponding training certificate. She has no regrets about her training investment. “it will cost her tens of thousands of yuan to train college students at home. High input means high return, and when she joined the current well-known company, she was hired as a three-star employee, one or two levels higher than the average monthly sister-in-law. High-input self-funded training skills can be used in the work, work encountered a lot of maternal milk, pain cry, she will take the trouble to find the acupoint massage, until the milk successfully, the baby milk. “You have to do it three to four times a day, one and a half to two hours at a time.” “Technology alone is not enough. You have to have compassion.” Zhai chunmei keeps the habit of keeping a diary, every day of work sentiment she has a record. “Ding ding caught a cold today, I found in time, the puerpera said need not go to the hospital, I use the method of apply treatment, after a night of nursing fever. Such words, is a summary of the work, but also the expression of love. “This job has become a part of my life. When I retire, when I look back, it will be an asset to take care of so many mothers and babies.” Month sister-in-law C can do more than 10 months meal mou xiaobin 41 years old in her company more than 100 months sister-in-law is not the earliest entry, not do month sister-in-law the longest years, is not the highest educational background, but has the title of “gold nursing division”, the service price is about ten thousand yuan, is one of the highest salary month sister-in-law in the company. For the “month sister-in-law” title, mou xiaobin also some mind, “this name is not accurate, six or seven years ago is so called, now we are professional. “Mother and baby nurse,” she said. She, from pengshan county, came to chengdu with her husband in 2005 to work in a talent market, and soon found a job as a month sister-in-law. At the beginning, mou xiaobin “single-handed” to do, relying on the accumulated customer reputation, do well. But from 2007, mou xiaobin found that the old road of “single-handed” is more and more difficult to follow. “Month sister-in-law company” rise, do more flourishing, compared to these “regular army”, mou xiaobin feel like a “guerrilla”. At the same time, the requirements of customers are increasingly high, some even only look for training, have the relevant qualification certificate; At the end of 2007, she applied to her current company and within a year was promoted to “gold nurse”. Papaya and crucian carp soup, all kinds of chicken soup, chicken pot…… Speak of mou xiaobin’s outstanding place, have to mention is she do “month son meal”, mou xiaobin can cook “month son meal” amount to more than 10 kinds, “can say a day one kind”, she became half “nutritionist”. As for her clients, she describes, “most of them live in villas, and eating mooncake meals is asking for bird’s nest.”

Private detective: the awkward “Sherlock Holmes”

cool007.org/Recently, the reporter sees on the website advertisement of a few private detective, wall advertisement, the business that private detective contracts, involve individual privacy almost each respect. Is private detective really so good? Is the information they obtained legal? What do citizens, lawyers and academics think? The reporter carried out an investigation. Private detective, wander in legal edge) reporter visit: hidden business call not cheap recently, the reporter used baidu to search and found that yulin has at least 3 “well-equipped” private detective company. On the website of a private detective company named guangxi, the reporter saw many high-tech equipment used by detectives, including electronic sound machine, hidden camera detector, vehicle tracking and positioning software system, micro-anti-detection system… Close to 30. In order to explore the “private detective company”, the reporter in the name of “customers” hired private detectives, “extramarital affairs” investigation. In the QQ chat consulting, the “Yang” the inspector said, extramarital affairs investigation, only need 3600 yuan package investigation through all the things, survey data includes: each other with small three intimate photo, video, small three personal background, however, have to pay a third of the deposit after signing agreement, will begin to carry out the investigation work. When reporters asked to go to his company for an interview, “inspector Yang” said he was welcome at any time, and said that his company is somewhere in the square east road, and left a phone at any time to contact. The next afternoon, the reporter according to “inspector Yang” said the address, came to this place, but did not find the company. When the reporter dialed “inspector Yang” telephone, “inspector Yang” said, to pay a deposit of 1,000 yuan, in order to negotiate business inside the company, only in this way, they can determine the other s徵信社服務項目ide is a customer, after all, they do the investigation is not public private behavior, at the same time, also worried about being investigated by the relevant departments. Finally, the reporter because did not hand in the deposit of 1000 yuan, and fail to arrive inside this private company a look. Subsequently, the reporter has dialed the telephone of a few private detective companies, on the phone, journalists are asked to explore first learn about the power of these companies and operating conditions, but without exception, these private companies claim that their companies cannot be made public, just personal undertake business, as long as customers pay the deposit, they will work for customers to carry out the investigation. Public doubts: is private detective legal? How reliable is a private detective? In urban areas a unit of work, ‘says Ms. Shaw she often see street alley post private detective ads, and sometimes also received flyers from research firm警民徵信社BLOG, a few times, she wants to hire the private detective to help investigate the assets of the other, and facilitate the collection, however, she hesitated, worry that private investigators collected information are false. Can it get judicial recognition? Citizen Mr Pan thinks, at present, these investigate a company to obtain the approbate of industrial and commercial branch only, still should obtain the approbate of judicatory branch. Because investigation and evidence collection is closely linked with the judicial department, with the judicial department’s approval, is conducive to improving the strength of evidence. It is better to have a proper judicial system to restrict and standardize the investigation company, in order to make it more reasonable and legitimate to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people, the judicial organs can also supervise it. After all, an investigation company is a for-profit organization that “takes money and elim徵信社案例inates disasters.”

Beijing fengbiao business consulting co. LTD

台灣徵信社-什麼是徵信社Beijing vane business consulting co. Ltd. is a new type of business, market research institutions. Founded in May 2005, as a professional investigation department, our strength, formalities complete, advanced equipment, on the premise of the law have efficient research company, headquartered in Beijing, in the domestic research network, has a group of experienced professional people in the survey, the domestic well-known economic experts, doctor of law as a consultant, has a pragmatic lawyers, for you to solve all kinds of difficult work of investigation, provide efficient and professional legal services, the company is yo徵信社私人調查找人尋人ur loyal friend! During our four years of development, we specialize in solving practical problems of development for the private sector, enterprises and departments at all levels. With the aim of “condensing the professional investigation mode and solving the actual problems of customers”, we strive to provide the maximum return value for customers and take it as our own goal to exert our power so as to provide personalized and comprehensive services for customers. The company has long employed on-the-job personnel in various political and legal departments, law enforcement departments and security departments as our comp徵信社法務費用any’s business consultants, which has achieved great results in the past case solving process. As the company was established at the front end of the investigation industry and has a good relationship with many departments, it has laid a solid foundation and extensive network network in the investigation industry. Nowadays, our survey basically covers all parts of the country, no matter it is information collection or data verification, we are the best in the industry. In the 21st century this is full of opportunities and challenges; We are willing to be the pathfinder and bridge-builder of customers, and share the profits臺灣徵信社服務 under the sun with customers. Headquartered in Beijing, the company has offices in Shanghai, hangzhou, nantong, xi ‘an, changsha and guangzhou, and has a long-term cooperative relationship with private detective companies in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, the United Kingdom and other countries, so as to provide more powerful investigative strength for customers. Contact: Beijing vane business consultancy company website: http://www.minghaozhentan.com company address: Beijing chaoyang district united international building post editor: 100021 telephone: 010-58487592 hand machine: 13371775189 徵信社是如何找人contact: Mr. Tian

PI Blotter:私人調查員給市議員打了911

womanyoung.com.twPI吸墨紙:私人調查員在2012年8月29日由市議員PInow Staff在新聞中致電911。行高:1;垂直對齊:底部;填充:0px;邊距:0px;文字縮進:0px; text-align:center;“ class =” IN-widget“> ShareEachweek PInow會在網上蒐集最新和最有趣的行業新聞報導,為您帶來每週私人調查員的故事。大型企業使用秘密私人調查員英國–倫敦及其他地區的雇主大城市正面臨現金緊縮的局面,因為保險業和銀行業的職位數量已經減少了18個月,結果,許多企業正在使用私人調查員進行監視,以擺脫不想要的,不道德的或低產的工人。公司正在僱用私人調查員去秘密蒐集情報,以便可以在不引起昂貴的法庭訴訟的情況下解僱工人,例如,去年調查員安德魯·克羅斯的《答案調查》以三明治供應商的身份進行了監視,以抓獲一名市招募經理。曾非法下載公司信息。Cross說,他接到了更多來自商務的電話sses和hostseager來識別不道德和欺詐的僱員。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。鐵路聯盟僱用了私人調查員以色列–在過去的一年半中,以色列鐵路工會從成員那裡籌集了250萬新謝克爾,而現在的領導層是離開後,人們對錢的去向提出了疑問。根據勞工聯合會的一份報告,這些錢中有一部分流向了私人調查員,以檢查僱員。據稱,調查人員被雇用對兩名工人進行監視工作,因為涉嫌兩名員工被竊聽並與管理層合作。在指控一名火車高管性騷擾一名工人後,又在私人調查員身上花費了65,000新謝克爾。如果這是真的,工會可能會遇到麻煩,因為工會無權對其僱員進行調查。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。美國勞資關係委員會的決定可能會影響僱員調查關係委員會(NLRB)的決定旨在擺脫範屏東徵信社推薦圍廣泛的保密政策,這些政策會在工人被指控行為不檢的情況下影響內部調查。根據專家的說法,NLRB決定將要求人力資源專業人員和雇主在調查中記錄其要求僱員保密的原因。該決定是在banner Health System的一個案件之後做出的,該僱員抱怨雇主的全面保密政策阻止該僱員討論對涉嫌不當行為的最新調查。 NLRB站在僱員一邊,表示在這種情況下,全面保密違反了《國家勞動關係法》第7條。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。私人調查員在加利福尼亞州的COSTA MESA上打了911,加利福尼亞私人調查員Chris Lanzillo ,聯繫了警方,以舉報他懷疑議員吉格·里格海默(Jim Righeimer)正在駕車。那個警察電話使一些人指控說,蘭齊洛被雇用來調查里格海默,私家偵探否認了這一指控。根據Lanzillo的說法,他正在執行一項與議員無關的任務-當他看到Righeimer上車時,並且根據Lanzillo的看法,他看上去很醉。里格海默說,他認為自己是私人調查員的目標。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。國會候選人在私人調查員身上花費了數万美元。私人調查員以查找有關美國對手大衛·西西林(David Cicilline)的信息,他是比賽的對手。傑瑪(Gemma)承認了這筆支出,並表示這筆錢是合理的,因為他正在調查西西林(Ciccilline)與選民欺詐之間的任何可能聯繫。CCTV市場的預測表明亞洲的監視正在蓬勃發展ASIA – Research and Markets最近發布了一份報告,發現視頻監控行業由於對安全性的擔憂,該產品正在全球範圍內迅速發展,尤其是在亞洲。在該行業中,增長最快的部分是移動視頻監控市場。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。有關更多私人偵探的新聞摘要,請單擊此處以查看最新檔案。

PI Blotter:調查員協助逮捕可疑嫌疑犯

雲林徵信社推薦PI吸墨紙:調查員協助逮捕嫌疑人2012年8月24日,PInow StaffIn the News“ style =” display:inline-block;行高:1;垂直對齊:底部;填充:0px;邊距:0px;文字縮進:0px; text-align:center;“ class =” IN-widget“> ShareEachweek PInow會在網上蒐集最新和最有趣的行業新聞報導,為您帶來《每週私人調查員通訊員》。安全公司面臨可能影響法律的法律挑戰新西蘭-衛星新西蘭安全系統公司是第一家根據《 2010年私人保安人員和私人調查員法》被起訴的公司,該公司面臨六項未經許可的經營指控,但是,保安公司的所有者安德魯·克雷格·坎貝爾正在與這些指控作鬥爭。 ,說2010年法律含糊不清,並且在精美的字樣中包含灰色區域,如果坎貝爾勝訴,可能會影響法律的適用範圍,並可能使其他安全公司在沒有許可證的情況下工作。在這裡。Ficano面臨使用私人調查員的問題密歇根州底特律市–韋恩縣執行長Robert Ficano被問及有關支出超過58,000美元的問題密歇根州私人調查員的縣錢。根據當地法律,僅當合同金額超過50,000美元時,才需要韋恩縣委員會的批准以及私人調查員的招標程序,而菲卡諾的每份合同都需要少於此價格。 Ficano似乎在許多案件中使用了調查員,包括對工會僱員的監視工作。要閱讀全文,請點擊此處。調查員幫助逮捕了謀殺嫌疑人華盛頓州普吉島–華盛頓私家偵探Chris Peterson遊歷了所有人前往阿拉斯加的道路,以幫助警察抓獲25年來未發現的雙重謀殺嫌疑犯。在彼得森的幫助下,當局得以逮捕了瑞奇·里夫(Ricky Riffe),後者是1985年米妮(Minnie)和埃德·毛林(Ed Maurin)謀殺案的長期嫌疑人。在彼得森和執法部門重新審視此案之前,這個案子一直很冷。被控多項罪名的里夫被保釋金為500萬美元,下週將提起訴訟。阿拉斯加的私人調查員未受到嚴格監管各州不要求私家偵探持有許可證,阿拉斯加就是其中之一。據安克雷奇警方稱,阿拉斯加的私家偵探不需要滿足嚴格的要求。他們的特權與私人公民沒有什麼不同,他們無法訪問任何警察可以訪問的阿拉斯加計算機系統或數據庫。阿拉斯加的私人調查員羅伯特·肖(Robert Shaw)說,他總是向客戶指出,他只能做他們自己可以做的事情。他是關於無法追踪人員或無法獲得公眾無法獲取的私人信息的先行者。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。私人調查員在調查中權衡加利福尼亞州IRVINE –加州私人調查員Cameron Jackson最初是在工作與警察一起進行私人偵查工作之前。他專門研究刑事辯護案件,但也從事家庭法調查和民事案件以及監視工作。傑克遜說,調查比以往任何時候都容易,因為有這麼多人願意將照片和信息放在社交網站上。此外,許多人(如果不知不覺)會自願將其信息提供給將數據轉售給感興趣的任何人的數據庫公司。甚至信貸機構也會轉售一些信息,因此申請貸款或融資的任何人通常都會放棄一些轉售的信息。根據傑克遜的說法,營銷商在收集和轉售信息方面實際上比政府和信貸機構更具侵略性。要閱讀全文,請點擊此處。私人調查員被捕西弗吉尼亞州的威廉姆森–西弗吉尼亞州的私人調查員唐納德·史蒂文斯(Donald Stevens)已被逮捕和起訴。有兩項串謀披露截取的罪名。這些指控源於當局的調查,導致發現了官方警察調查的非法竊聽操作。有關更多私人偵探的新聞重點,彰化徵信社推薦請單擊此處以查看最新新聞檔案。

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花蓮徵信社推薦PI Blotter:私人調查員尋找失踪的波士頓大學學生,2012年4月16日,PInow StaffIn the News“ style =” display:inline-block;行高:1;垂直對齊:底部;填充:0px;邊距:0px;文字縮進:0px; text-align:center;“ class =” IN-widget“>分享每週PINow會在網絡上梳理最新和最有趣的行業新聞報導,為您帶來每週私人調查員Blotter。尋找波士頓大學學生失踪的私人調查員馬薩諸塞州波士頓-佛朗哥波士頓學院的一名學生加西亞失踪了六個星期,警方和地方當局一直在搜尋該男子,包括搜查栗子山水庫。根據與加西亞一家共事的馬薩諸塞州私人調查員的說法,警方沒有私家偵探賈斯汀·比拉德(Justin Billard)說,警方沒有發現該學生的踪跡,他們沒有發現屬於加西亞的錢包或個人物品,也沒有發現該男子的踪影,也沒有進行任何帳戶活動。法國的宜家承認SpyingFRANCE –法國宜家子公司飽受指控的困擾監視了客戶和員工。該公司現在已承認與指控有關的侵犯人權行為,並承諾做出更改以確保將來不會發生類似問題。法國的宜家被指控僱用私人調查員以訪問警察記錄並調查客戶和員工。一位消息人士稱,法國宜家在調查客戶和員工時不僅進行了車輛登記檢查和犯罪記錄檢查。正在進行調查。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。塞浦路斯的私人調查員可能面臨變化塞浦路斯–塞浦路斯的私人調查行業與英語系統相似,而由於電話黑客醜聞,英國的系統正在受到審查。私家偵探也感到壓力。目前,塞浦路斯有二十多家私人調查公司,該國不需要這些專業人員的執照。行業專家表示,如果英格蘭改變其對私人調查員的執照做法,則塞浦路斯的調查員將受到直接影響,因為該系統基於相同的原則。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。私人調查員的案例被駁回英格蘭–私人調查員安德魯·坎貝爾·斯圖爾特(Andrew Campbell Stewart)他對承包商針對摩根·辛德爾的訴訟被駁回。斯圖爾特稱辛德爾違反了口頭合同,但中央就業法庭不同意。斯圖爾特曾在辛道爾(Sindall)擔任私人調查員,並聲稱他同意在刑事審判中保持沉默,以換取每兩個月支付8,000英鎊工作的工作。要閱讀全文,請點擊此處。羅伯特·R·安德森(Robert R.Anderson)在用槍威脅華盛頓私家偵探後,被判二級侵犯罪。據稱,調查人員被停在了安德森兄弟的房屋前。當安德森走近車輛時,兩個人爭吵起來,調查人員伸手去拿無線電,然後去拿胡椒噴霧。據報導,安德森然後伸手去拿槍並威脅調查人員。安德森被判處六個月的刑期,其中三個將在家中服刑。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。英國調查人員協會成為行業資格的一部分英國–英國調查人員協會(ABI)是英國的一個行業組織私人調查員已加入行業資格認證(IQ)。 ABI是第一個這樣做的行業組織。 ABI將支持IQ計劃,並將與IQ合作為私家偵探開發新的資格。業內專家稱,對列維森的調查給英國私人調查員施加了更大的壓力,要求他們尋求許可和更多的培訓,此舉可能為取得許可鋪平了道路。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。有關更多私人調查員的新聞摘womanyoung.com.tw要,請單擊在這裡查看新聞檔案。