Suspect husband to have an affair everyday, how should I do?

什麼是比特幣Suspect husband to have an affair everyday, how should I do? Things from a few months ago, my husband usually do not go on a business trip, once the company sent to the field for a few days. I didn’t think much about it. On that day, I got the tablet to surf the Internet. He synchronized the tablet with his mobile phone and found that he was out of town on QQ and WeChat. I don’t know if it happened, but private investigator,聯絡方式 he did talk to a couple of women and a pimp who sent him a price list. Because I had to come back the next day and called him when he was out of town and had fallen asleep. I was so upset that I didn’t call him again. When he came back the next day, I asked him. He said he was just lonely and had fun. But my trust in him has broken down. I have been concerned about this matter for some time, and I don’t know what to do. At 4個Q&A,快速了解「區塊鏈」及「比特幣」!that time did not want to check his QQ, but automatic login is his number, there is a direct information about booty call, I can not help but look again calm. WeChat is to see QQ after look, shake a few, say oneself is booty call. My husband is really very good to me, our relationship for so many years I have been very comfortable to him that he is not that kind of person, but now began to doubt, do not know how to do. No moQ&Are trust. Yesterday saw him WeChat shake a woman, strange is all the historical information on WeChat disappeared, I was very unhappy, told him my depressed, and then he was depressed and said I do not trust him. Can I trust him, even though there’s no evidence he did. Want to ask male gay people, you have a wife and it is love basis, on the basis of more normal sex life, because boring or find stimulation to chat with women盈幣寶介紹 on the Internet?


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