Beijing private detective with small three catch small four

花蓮徵信社推薦At noon on March 6, 2016, chengdu, head of the private detective company, got a call from consulting surnamed Chen girl, in a brief telephone consultation, chan finally about to meet at a teahouse second ring road of chengdu jiaotong university, after ms Chen about the situation, we know that ms Chen to surnamed zhang boss when the lover of the two and a half years, zhang boss is also a rich second generation, with the wife each have a separate company, he and his wife is for families and children’s feelings, not divorce each other, emotional world is each play, non-interference in each other, there suddenly before the Spring Festival in 2013 Mr Zhang (42), Sent a to ms Chen, said he and Ms. Chen (26) by his father found, asked her not to meet in communication, break up, as to the chan thought, and the man gave her two years in Simon bought a 90 – square – metre home, a car, and cash, to be a good lover, she is also back in suining and husband divorce, or play with zhang out of the feelings in m澎湖徵信社推薦y heart, don’t want to let him trouble, Ms. Chen will not disturb him half a year, in the home lonely chan one day turn WeChat circle of friends to pass the time, all of a sudden in their mutual friend, WeChat circle found Mr Zhang with a 20-something woman intimate photos when they travel, at the time of ms Chen uncomfortable maybe you筆跡鑑定BLOG I will feel in my heart, so ms Chen decided to entrust private detective company in chengdu, chengdu agent company, looking for the whereabouts of Mr Chen, to talk to the price of 200000, when delivered 100000 deposit, after receiving the entrusted agent of chengdu agents began, MoPai investigation, with advanced equipment, the combina金門徵信社推薦tion of high-tech, the third day in dujiangyan qingcheng mountain topped found Mr. Chen and the young beauty together for an outing in the field, the investigators followed pictures, all the way Until the evening after they check in the qingcheng mountain hotel 3118 room, investigators will inform ms Chen arrived at the hotel overnight in chengdu, when problems appeared after rushed to the hotel, they are not legal wife, arrest indoor current is illegal, it is also useless alarm, when investigators after explanation of the affair, suggested that Ms. Chen came to bother them that day, just hold on to Mr Zhang’s Mercedes, such as early in the morning they come out to st女子徵信社op them, now, with the young woman is in love, when stopped his mask to debunk, chan also accepted the advice of the detectives, has been two days around 10 o ‘clock in the morning they go out, Stop him when his face mutations, immediately asked chan have words to say, don’t get excited, finally the little three zones with small four to婦幼徵信社BLOG go to the teahouse negotiations, ms zhang accompany FuChen 100000 yuan, things have a ending, only in small four after after their talks, the experience of the two and a half years together boon conjugal love, the original chan also like her, ever also been treated as, cried and ran out of the teahouse to disappear in the line of sight女子國際徵信 of us ~ ~ ~ ~ ~.


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