The strategic significance of business investigation in enterprise risk control

訴訟證據蒐集Enterprises in the actual operation process, inevitably encounter a variety of risks, how can enterprises effectively control and reduce, their own management activities may encounter a variety of risks? The best approach is to actively seek help from professional business research organizations. Because professional risk investigation agencies have a large amount of data and investigation methods, they can effectively provide a large amount of information behind the evaluation. “No investigation, no right to speak”, decision-making power is the right to speak in the final analysis, and professional in-depth investigation information should be t法律顧問協助he information basis of reasonable decision-making. The professional business survey, what the companies call abroad “to prevent fall hands rod”, not only can the enterprise operation and management activities to make the investigation and analysis of system closely, also can provide enterprises with all necessary information about the final decision, and have the ability to tailor degrees for the enterprise to do a series of professional risk control planning scheme. Professional business investigation organizations can provide eight types of system investigation information services for cooperative enterprises. Business intelligence survey: in家暴協助蒐證cluding business intelligence tracking survey, industry distribution development trend survey, project establishment feasibility evaluation survey, etc. Capital credit investigation: including capital trend investigation of credit evaluation, claims investigation of commercial accounts, hidden property investigation before and after litigation, etc. Business risk investigation: including business risk control planning investigation, marketing network supervision investigation, business competitor competition strategy investigation, etc. The investigation of trademark fighting and counterfeiting includes: entrusted agent investigation of brand ma家暴證據採集intenance, investigation of trademark misappropriation and counterfeiting, investigation of fake and inferior goods channel, etc. Patent infringement investigation: including patent product market protection investigation, patent application agent supervision investigation, intellectual property infringement claim investigation, etc. Investigation on commercial bribery: including investigation on competitors’ commercial bribery, investigation on marketers’ accepting black money, investigation on employees’ employment promotion and job-hopping, etc. Commercial trap investigation: including commercial cooperation fraud prevention investigation, pr家暴諮商oject quality supervision investigation, commercial fraud tracking investigation, etc. Investigation of insurance fraud and loan fraud: including insurance claim risk control investigation, bank fraud and loan fund tracking investigation, financial securities fraud prevention investigation, etc. Professional investigation companies can also provide necessary information for enterprise decision-making: including all kinds of enterprise registration information, shareholder personal information, bank account information, historical litigation records, enterprise tax payment information, enterprise credit assessment, enterprise asset registration, 晚晴徵信社評價cooperative fund tracking, business intelligence information, project evaluation information and so on. And if the enterprise organizes personnel to operate the investigation and analysis of relevant projects, there will be at least four adverse factors. It is professional not strong, business investigation is professional very strong job. Staff should not only have a strong legal awareness, and to have a good professional quality, but more importantly to have the ability to be flexible and hard-working spirit. Mature and excellent business investigation talents are also very rare in the industry. Only after long-term training and continuous tra立達徵信社面試ining can they finally stand out. Second, the success rate is very low, business investigation is also a strong industry work. Professional business investigation organizations have their own resource sharing network and industry cooperation platform, so outsiders will definitely be excluded from the investigation field. And China has not yet been able to establish a public business credit system and information sharing platform for everyone. Combined with the high difficulty and high risk of specific investigation operations and the marginal nature of some sources of information, the success rate of systematic investigation by non-professionals徵信社如何跟蹤 is particularly low. Third, the risk degree is on the high side. There are two major risks in the investigation and analysis of the project by the enterprise’s own personnel. First of all, the internal personnel and the decision-making layer and the operational layer are often inextricably linked, which makes it difficult to ensure the objectivity and impartiality of the investigation results. Secondly, the enterprise’s internal personnel participate in the investigation, which is easy to leak out and lead to passive work in the future, and even there are often investigators bought by the other party or the beneficiaries of the project. Fourth,如何防徵信社 the cost of expenditure will be relatively much larger, this is like zero buy and volume vendor price is different truth, is very easy to understand and recognize. The internal staff of the enterprise participate in the project investigation and cannot enjoy the resource network and cooperation platform of the investigation industry. Even if we could complete the whole survey, the cost of each item would be much higher, and the cost of the whole project would be surprisingly high. Therefore, it is the most successful and economical choice to control and reduce business risks for enterprises to work closely with professional business investigati高雄徵信社推薦on organizations.


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