10 tragic consequences of mistress

外遇蒐證Mistress is a popular profession among students and professionals. But small three although let you make a time, but let you regret life…… Small three miserable scene 10 】 【 1, deterioration after the “parasites” of many small three before didn’t do small three, female college students tend to be studious, or is the female can bear hardships and stand hard work, “bones jing”, or has a high salary and once made the lover of a married man, them these bright spots will disappear, and become a bad man “accessories”. Once abandoned by the married man, they completely “deteriorate” and become the “parasite” of society and forever attached to 包二奶the man. Part 2, corruption has become a “professional mistresses” small three in abandoned by a man, for the continuation of a “lazy” thoughts, psychological and self-indulgence, revenge man, from the first time they will do three lessons from the experience of small, short of abandonment will be in a very short period of time after the “comeback” to do “er nai” the next man, a handful of greed, shameless little night will be proud of it, with a few men’s side, and as a “professional mistresses.” 3, the loss of fertility into the “stone” in the small three, they are derailed man pregnant is a normal thing, abortion three, four times more t捉姦抓姦han everywhere, I met a small three, her short three years of abortion up to eight times, finally she is really afraid and take the initiative to leave the man. There is a small three, yun, when a waitress was on a business trip in Beijing, guangdong boss look, then back to guangdong kept up with girls in four consecutive abortion is a man after a kick back, and when she was home looking for a man to marry herself out, which know after getting married, three years is not pregnant, and then go to a hospital checking, doctors told her she is abortion too much lead to infertile, husband’s family heard this message, and put her out of the house抓姦. 4, abandoned after the “degenerate female” most small three did not get their wish to become a positive, not because the big room is not put, but the position of derailed man is not firm, this is because, very few men were holding a kind of “play” mentality, as long as the small three true, they will timely “pull out” to abandon the small three. 5, small rich both an “miser” in the small three groups, they can be clear about their embarrassing status, will take the opportunity to get the maximum amount of money from the cheating man, rv and other material things, there are therefore thoroughly “get rid of poverty and get rich”. Some smart感情破壞 mistress accumulated a certain economic strength will be their own business, thus off the shackles of men. Tell the truth, such end should say to be a woman to do small 3 best the most cost-effective one kind. 6, see the light death “invisible lover” is the fate of small three a spoony, they are not the man’s money, is typical of the lover, and it is silly to willingly do cheat on the man’s “don’t” “lover, they will often flaunting the banner of” love “invasion of other people’s marriage, they don’t know oneself spoony will value a few cents in cheating man eye, want to blindly with a” deep “” strong love” to move a man, man is not vegetat感情挽回ion, time grew, cheating men really love her all the more by the. However, their love can only live in the shadow without sunshine forever, once they see the sunshine, they will completely expose their true appeal. 7, life is thin, die a foreign country die a foreign country nothing more than two kinds: suicide and homicide. The person that commit suicide is because too infatuation is abandoned hind cannot accept, it is to be stimulated to want not; Homicide is “strong” big old woman buys murder person, or it is small 3 hand have the handle of derailed man and be killed by its. If an unmarried girl lost her precious life for coveting a mome個人行蹤監控nt of glory and honor, it is not worth the loss, not to say, it is also a kind of injustice! There have been media reports that more than 50,000 illegitimate children have been born in the pearl river delta region, where there are more extramarital affairs. Many of the post-80s and post-90s mistresses will be interested in becoming unmarried mothers. In fact, the “unmarried mother” is not as easy as they imagine, her hardships are more than ordinary people can bear. Not long ago, another mistress in guangzhou called me for help before committing suicide, saying that after she gave birth to a child, the man who cheated on her would disappear婚外情調查, leaving her and her mother unable to live. Therefore, those ignorant want to be a single mother of the little three, its fate out of their own is deserved, will also involve the innocent “bastard”. In particular, the little three gave birth to a girl, its fate will be even more tragic. 9, suffered a first family suddenly and violently dozen “reservoir dogs” not all of the first good humiliate, on the contrary, more and more first unbearable, will be moved to their extended families, small/priest straight to three with the husband’s home, the way there’s no room for weaker than the storm, can never think of to kill a small three dozen, and外遇蒐證 often even if the woman suddenly and violently dozen small three stunt, people would relish “wife”, could spit on small three “deserve”. If mistress money to start a business is a better end, then this kind of return to the “rural women” is also pretty good. Can the end of the small night is more of a kind of helpless, even if they chose to do better take three right back to their hometown to a life of ordinary people, but in their heart there will always be a bit nervous, and refuse to obey, is they will worry that they have done little three experiences were “snoop” wrought, disaffected are they spoil the “generous”, “rich” life is a bit抓姦捉猴 strange to rural life.


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